06 September 2010

September already. Where'd the time go?!

Now I know I've been an absentee blogger folks, and I'd like to submit my humble apologies to all of you.  (Which I'd be glad to do in writing.  Seriously - e-mail me your address, and I'll send you a personalized postcard!)

What I've been up to:

  • My sister got married on 21 August 2010, to a gentleman she's been dating for something like 7 years.  It was a largely DIY affair - no wedding planner, no equipment rentals, just hand-making 200 purple boxes and filling them with Hershey kisses, assembling centerpieces, altering bridesmaid dresses, making the garters and the like.  It was a LOT of work, but we had a great time, and got some new family members in the mix!
  • My little brother left for college... the day after the wedding.  Let's just say August was packed pretty solid with family activity.
  • As part of my gift to the happy couple, I re-fabricated a pair or bedside tables I found on craigslist.  They were a pair of very simple pine tables, and now they're a very simple pair of pine tables with a lower shelf and a wonderful high-gloss espresso paint job to them!  (Post to follow...)
  • Last night, I completed my attempt at recreating the Kaylee "prairie harpy" dress from the "Out of Gas" and "The Message" episodes of Firefly.  I'm content with the results.  The pattern on the fabric's a little bigger than I expected, and I took some liberties with the piecing (made it a long tunic rather than a bodice and skirt, eliminated the back zipper since Kaylee never used it anyway, and used a taupe piece of doily for the detail rather than pink), but the spirit remains in tact.  As do the voluminous sleeves.
  • I'll soon be moving... I hope.  But more on that later.
  • The temp dropped like 30 degrees this week.  I mean, it's Minnesota, but it's also a huge slap in the face to say "HEY!  Turn your calendar page!  It's September now!"
I've been looking at Etsy a lot, and thinking that it's really been all about transitions at this time of year, especially late August.  With Katie getting married, Tom moving to college and myself and my roommates thinking about upgrading from our apartment, there's a lot going on and a lot to look at and think about.

Blah blah blah.  Enough windbagging.  Here's some Etsy picks for this time of year.

Penguin Stamp - handcarved by jackbear.
jackbear is a fantastic stamp carver, and I had to give him some props here on the blog.  As a shower gift to my sister, I made her a set of Thank You cards, and hand-stamped each one with a swan stamp jackbear customized and carved for me.
Also, my brother's favorite animal for a long time was penguins, so this is a little tribute to both of them.

autumn shine - necklace by airportlovestory
airportlovestory is a delightful 20-something woman who is way ahead of me on her Etsy journey.  I met her through Alchemy, we try to keep in touch, and occasionally swap items.  Like pen pals, only with crafts!  (and it's my turn :/ )  Her shop has come a LONG way since we first met, and it's been fun watching the journey.
kind, caring, compassionate and... - button by beanforest
beanforest's shop reads like a stroll through a very clever, one-off comic book.  I went on a shopping spree through his shop just before Christmas last year.  This button went to my roommate, Kathy.
My brother and best friends also got some.  It's really quite a fun shop, especially if you don't know what to get for someone.

Real comfort Jane Austen mug - by Brookish
I loved this shop so much, I forwarded it via Facebook to my best friend's mother, an English professor and Jane Austen scholar in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1950's Antique Samsonite Luggage - by Ms2SweetVintage
I picked this piece because I just found one and have spent the weekend fixing it up.  It's a beautiful piece, and the company had been featured on "Mad Men" - giving credence to its vintage cred.
vintage 1940s dress - by traven7
A beautiful vintage gown to wrap things up!

Well folks, That's that.

Here's to transitions.