30 March 2010

Resolved: No new clothes for 2010.

You heard me.  It's taken me almost 4 months, but it just makes sense as a new year's resolution.  I won't buy any new clothes this year.

Allow me to explain.  I've recently discovered upcycling as a method of coming upon clothing.  Turns out I'd been doing it for years - taking my younger sister's hand-me-ups or raiding my roommates' closets and car trunks for a quick fix to a wardrobe emergency.  When said sister and roommates relinquish the clothes to me with an "It just doesn't fit me anymore!", I feel like I have license to perform alterations.  I've already altered an old pair of jeans into a pair of snug-fitting knee-length 50s style pants.  I turned a 2-sizes-too-big mock turtleneck sweater (ick) into a tailored scoop neck that fits me perfectly.
I am particularily inspired by my copy of the Winter 2010 issue of Altered Couture and the work of the local designer group, Counter Couture.  The idea that someone's unwanted bridesmaid dress or old jacket could be turned into art is something that I can certainly get behind.

The rules: No new clothes this year.
The challenge: Shopping only on craigslist, at thrift stores, and through trades, I will make it a year without purchasing any new outerwear.  Fabric can be purchased, though preferably, it's salvaged from another item. 
After my alterations fervor in the beginning of this year and in the wake of making my Christmas dress, I can certainly do it.
Does not include my bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding in August, though, since my parents pitched in for that, I'm not sure that it counts (thanks, Mom!).  Also does not include underwear, socks, shoes and really anything that a) wears out quick and I can't make myself, and 2) gifts.  I'll accept gifts for sure.  (Special Note to Laura: April 6 is around the corner.  Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers?)
Also - I'm a bit behind on this, since I purchased a pair of jeans in February.  They were on sale, fit me great, and I was running out of pairs that fit.  And my sister was buying me Levi's that day.  2 pair will get me through the year.

Projects already in the works (or on the list of ideas) are a 1940s styled swimsuit, made from a sundress and an old shirt, and that COAT!

No worries, noble few!  I will keep you updated, especially in regard to the swimsuit.  After my last half-failed, half-complete success at making a swimsuit from a pair of tee shirts, we'll see how this goes!