05 May 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Another international holiday, another trip to the Shop Local section of Etsy!

Here's my pics for Cinco de Mayo!

Prism necklace by dikua.
dikua has a small selection of quirky jewelry!

Etsy Support Printable by batzy.
I love the sentiment behind this printable poster!  It reminds me that, while I do have a full-time desk job that pays the bills (and actually is pretty interesting), my Etsy shop and costuming business is where my heart's at.

Lilac, sleepy cat by monstersncuties.
Very sweet.  Want to cuddle.  I can see my tiny roommate chewing on her ear!

Turquoise with moss green pleats zipper pouch by ziazia.
A shop full of totes, messengers, pouches and purses!

red felt octopus by alpinitorrico.
So cute!  Also want to cuddle!
Best part?  The buttons are pieces of felt, so it's CPSIA-friendly and child-safe!

embroidered greeting card by greenbirddreaming.
I'm a recent convert to how freakin' cool textile art is, and this one serves as a reminder of how close fishing season is!

mexican vintage style pillow cover by arboreto.
I love the bright greens and oranges in this pillow cover!  Draws the eye, but still looks like it'd be at home in my giant pile of pillows.  The back is a bright pink!

After compiling items from all over Mexico, I'm realizing how bent I am toward bright greens, reds and pinks right now.  Must be spring in the air!

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