02 December 2009


Couldn't resist that title, now, could I.

Well, this is it, folks!  I'm back on the blogosphere, as it were.  For some of you, I've just arrived, seeing as I've got new digs out here on the internet - new blog, new set-up, and a new purpose:
...a new purpose:

I guess I'm still working that whole "new purpose" thing out, but I feel it will have to do with the following:
  • witty banter and utterly biased comments about television and music
  • supporting your local - could be musicians, schools, small shopkeepers or Etsy sellers
  • random observations about the world, current events and celebrities
  • the stuff I spend my time making, and how awesome and cool and fun it is
I'm doing my best to plan this all out, but I'm hoping to have regular postings about what I'm looking forward to in TV and music, what's going on here in St. Paul (and Minneapolis, too, I guess), and what project is currently occupying my time.

So welcome one, welcome all!

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