11 December 2009

TheFriday Five: Remorse

Bet you can't guess what today means... that's right, it's the Friday 5!
Okay, okay, I haven't been posting here long enough to have a real pattern to it, but I certainly am trying. 

This week's topic from Friday5.org fits in brilliantly with the week I've had: Remorse.  Here goes...

1) When did you last experience emailer’s remorse?
And these are supposed to be honest answers, right?  Crap.  Well then... pretty much any time I e-mail my dad's side of the family.  I try to get in on whatever the joke is, and then no replies show up.  I suspect I get taken off of the list for future correspondance that way.

2) When did you last experience diner’s remorse?
I don't often have diner's remorse.  I love food.  Perhaps too much. 
But if there's any one place that I regret practically every time I go there, it's the Taco Bell in Cottage Grove.  Ugh.  That place...
WAIT.  I have another.  DELICIOUS food at Khan's Mongolian Barbecue, but I spent the next three days in bed after that one.  Double ugh.

3) When did you last experience movie-goer’s remorse?
Easy: Nicholas Cage, "Ghost Rider."  Went with my brother, and we couldn't even come up with sarcastic comments for entertainment.  Both of us fell asleep.  What a waste of a movie ticket.

4) When did you last experience caring friend’s remorse?
I honestly can't remember.  I know it happens often, though, because I'm a pretty empathetic person, and I can pretty easily tell when people are having a rough go.  It usually follows that if someone I care about is feeling remorse, then I just might, too, and not know why.

5) When did you last experience lover’s remorse?
February 2007.  Whew.  An easy one.  That's when my ex-fiancee and I for real-real called it the quits, after I'd been on the fence about it / holding out hope for a good outcome since approximately the previous October.  The real bitch of it was that I had come to rely on his friends - had developed relationships with them, helped them through tough times, etc - and therefore had almost no one to turn to when the shit really hit the fan.  I had to re-forge relationships with my own friends before turning to them for a shoulder to cry on, and that was a rough road.

alternate question in case that last one was too personal:
6) When did you last experience function-attender’s remorse?

I don't often go to something without a reason, or without finding something good about it.  Even if I'm super-awkward, I try to find the good.  If nothing else, at least I got out of the house that day!

There you have it!  Another week, another 5.