25 December 2009

The Friday Five: Gifts

Yeah, it's the Friday 5, a couple days late.  Sorry folks!  And, of course, it's apropos of Christmastime: Gifts.

1) How likely are you to return or exchange a gift you don’t like?
It really depends on the gift.  If it's something I can regift or recycle, I may keep it, and I always keep books, too (even Twilight).  If I can't use it, I return it or find it another home.

2) Who is the most gifted person you know?
Hmm.  I'd love to say "myself" here, but how much do you know yourself, you know?  Probably my best friend, Ware, because he's a circus performer / writer / editor / actor / barista / renaissance man and can pretty much do anything with some degree of proficiency.  Most handy, though, is changing light bulbs with stilts on.

3) Of gifts you gave this year, which was really the closest to perfect for the recipient?
Definitely what I got my Mom: a hand-turned crochet hook and a hank of hand-dyed yarn in the same colors as my sister's wedding.

4) What’s your favorite kind of gift to receive?
Either something I'll use daily, or something I'll never use that's just for fun (a pair of jeans vs. a 5 foot RC airplane that can land on water).

5) What’s your favorite kind of gift to give?
Something perfect; something the recipient has always wanted, or never knew they needed.  My mom's always wanted a wooden hook, so I got her one.  My dad's Favorite Movie of All Time is the Wizard of Oz, so he got the 70th Anniversary edition this year on Blu-Ray, complete with digital copy.  A couple of years ago, I commissioned a cake for Ware for his birthday because he had a history of baking, and had always wanted to bake with scotch.

There you have it - another week, another five.