10 February 2010

Article of the Week: Earthshake Chicago, Bob Collins' Billboard, Captain Phil Harris and Angry Norweigans in Scuba Gear

I guess it's been a big news day out there.

My people in Chicago tell me that there was an earthquake.  Some of them woke up, some didn't even notice, but it ranked a 3.8.  Kind of an interesting thing; there's been a lot of tectonic activity in this hemisphere recently (in case you hadn't noticed), so I'm thinking those volcanoes over in the Pacific Northwest are due.  Would be an interesting addition to the Olympics, to be sure!

The wonderful Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio has become an internet sensation for posting a picture of a billboard in Wyoming, MN, up on the NewsCut blog.  All it is is a billboard with a picture of George H. W. B., and text reading "Miss me yet?"  I guess it's gone viral and shown up on aircraft carriers already.  There's a caption contest up on the Huffington Post.  FoxNews even contacted him about it.  But really - it's just a billboard, people.

In sadder news, I heard this morning on KFAN and via Facebook and Twitter that Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie died yesterday after suffering a stroke on 30 January.  Captain Harris and his sons, Jake and Josh, were certainly a few of my favorites to watch on Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch."  Though, after Phil's heart problems last year, I'll admit, I was certainly worried about his health and, it appeared, so were his sons and the rest of the crew.  My thoughts go out to the Harris boys, the crew of the Cornelia Marie, and the other captains in the fleet.

Also, I don't have much to say about this one, but some new aerial photography of the 9/11 attacks is now available.  The pictures really speak for themselves.  See the ABCNews slideshow here.

With all of this happening in the world, you'd think my morning'd be full, right?  Full of work, full of reading the news.  Not so this morning.  Today, I spent a chunk of time investigating BoingBoing.net's story about Angry Norweigans in SCUBA gear chasing down the Google Street View car.  Apparently, these two chaps knew their friend would be driving the car, and knew roughly when he'd be passing through.  So they donned their gear (sans BC and tank, but with mask, reg and fins) and waited in a pair of lawn chairs for the car to pass, at which point, they chased it down the street with tridents.  Don't believe me?  I did the legwork on this for you already.  Here goes!

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Scroll a bit to the north for this one - to the left of the screen.

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It goes on for a bit, but it looks like they get tired quick. I would, too, if I were running in a semi-dry with ankle weights!