12 February 2010

The Friday 5: Warmth

That,s right; on time this week! Back on track. This week's topic is warmth - something we do not take for granted here in the great state of Minnesota. For serious - I always take a blanket with me wherever I go.

1) What is your favorite blanket like?
I have a blanket in my room that's relatively small and nondescript, but I made it with my own hands during a time of great stress and pain, and it gives me a lot of comfort.  It's a greenish blue aran-style blanket crocheted with a ripple pattern.  It's the perfect size to cover my shoulders when I'm reading in bed.  I started it at an orchestra concert, and made most of it while my grandmother was dying of cancer, and in the aftermath of that.  Seeing me work on it help to comfort my cousins, too, and since, a few of them have learned to crochet.

2) What was the last thing you baked?
Technically, I baked my dinner last night - dinosaur chicken nuggets and tater tots - but I don't really consider that "baking."  I made a batch of monster cookies a couple of weeks ago; I'm trying to perfect the recipe.  I think the secret is using pumpkin, and I'll have to try that next.

3) What television personality gets you most hot and bothered?
Jay Leno.  Man, I hate that guy.  Even before all of the crap his actions have put Conan O'Brien through.  He's not a funny comedian, and he's really condescending to his guests, and to the audience.  I haven't ever been able to watch his show without changing the channel after about five minutes.  The only times he's tolerable are when he's talking about his cars - I love classic cars, and he's really honest and real when he talks about them.  It's refreshing.  But any other time - ugh.

4) When did you last burn yourself?
I think I burned myself sometime this week - I just don't know when!  And every time I turn on the water in my bathroom, my hot water burns me a little.  It'd be nice to have some variable temperature control, but not so much, I guess.

5) What are your feelings about hot sauce?
Eh.  Don't really like it.  But cooking with it makes up for it being boring - especially when making Chinese food.  I'm a fan of Szechuan!

There you have it - another week, another five!